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About The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Go on an exciting adventure of the sea world by visiting The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the UAE, situated in a five-star hotel, Atlantis, The Palm. The aquarium is home to more than 65,000 exotic marine animals of various species including lobsters, rays, sharks, jellyfish, octopuses, piranhas, and seahorses. As you walk through the underwater halls, you will feel submerged in water with beautiful marine creatures all around you. You can also partake in some of the best experiences at the aquarium, including a behind-the-scenes tour in which you can learn about the hidden secrets of the ocean. If you want to get close to the sea creatures, there is a touch tank within the aquarium where you can touch various sea animals and fish. One of the prime attractions of the aquarium is the brothers, Blu and Ali, two rare crocodiles that grew up from an early age over here. With the lost chambers aquarium ticket offers, you can also enjoy a diving experience at the aquarium and explore the ruins and arches that represent the lost city of Atlantis. If you're lion-hearted and brave, you can enjoy predator dive, wherein you'll get a chance to hand-feed up to fourteen different species of stingrays and sharks!


The Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket Variations

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Atlantis The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

Book The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets and immerse yourself in a magical journey of the underwater world. Discover over sixty-five thousand marine species beautifully displayed in twenty-plus aquariums. See eels, jellyfish, rays, piranhas, sharks, seahorses, and Arapaima – the biggest freshwater fish in the aquarium. Wandering through the diverse sections of the aquarium, you'll get a chance to gaze at the old remnants, which offer an insight into Atlantean history and culture. Lost chambers aquarium ticket offers you the chance to enjoy various activities and experiences such as Fish Tale Tour, Myth Tour, and Ambassador Lagoon Tour (at extra charges.)

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Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers Aquarium Combo Tickets

This budget-friendly combo gives you a chance to have unlimited fun at Dubai's two prime attractions- Aquaventure Waterpark and Lost Chambers Aquarium. By booking this ticket, you get access to the Aquaventure, which is the World's largest waterpark. Set your pulses racing by enjoying the heart-plumping rides like the Odyssey of Terror, and check out the newly launched Splashers Lagoon, Trident Tower, and Splashers Cove. Discover the mysteries of the underwater world by heading to The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It houses around sixty-five thousand marine animals and has ten huge chambers that host marvelous exhibits. Grab the chance to touch various beautiful aquatic creatures at the Touch Tank and watch marine experts feed the sharks.

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IMG World Dubai Fun.jpg
IMG Worlds of Adventure + The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

Enjoy access to The Lost Chambers Aquarium and IMG Worlds of Adventure with this 2-in-1 combo ticket. Meet your favorite cartoon characters and superheroes and enjoy twenty-two adventurous roller coasters and rides at IMG Worlds. Explore four Epic Adventure Zones, Cartoon Network, Marvel, The Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard. Once you're done exploring the IMG World, head to The Lost Chambers Aquarium to meet more than sixty-five thousand fascinating marine animals. Meet eels, clownfish, sharks, and many other exciting marine species and discover the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis.

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Things to Do in The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

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Experience Snorkeling at Lost Chambers Aquarium

Get ready to interact with different marine species in their natural habitat by snorkeling in the Ambassador Lagoon. You don't need to know swimming to enjoy this activity; even 6 years old kids can participate. After a brief training by experts, you'll be provided with the mask, snorkel, and vest, and you can get ready to venture into the aquatic world. The best thing is that four people can go for this activity in one session, making it excellent for family bonding. You can combine this experience with an Aquatrek, which lets you breathe and walk underwater in the same Lagoon using a special helmet.

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Underwater Walk with Aquatrek

Have you ever thought about what walking underwater with stingrays, sharks, and thousands of beautiful fish might feel like? Get ready to experience this unique activity at Lost Chambers Aquarium. You'll get a wetsuit, towels, footwear, and a specially designed helmet to ensure you get enough air supply for your marine adventure. Once you're ready, the instructors will guide you down the pool ladder of Aquatrek into the water, allowing you to get comfortable with your gear and the water. As you wander underwater, you can see curious sea animals swimming around you and spectators waving from the acrylic side. You'll have to pay extra for this activity as it won't be included in the lost chambers aquarium ticket price.

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Atlantis Dive Explorer

If you're a certified diver, you must not miss out on the mind-blowing diving experience at Lost Chambers Aquarium. This activity is meant only for certified divers and gives them the chance to swim in the Ambassador Lagoon for one and a half hours. While enjoying this activity, you can meet the sharks, eels, and other beautiful creatures living in the underwater, lost city of Atlantis. You'll be provided all the important gear, and the experienced and professional Atlantis scuba team will supervise you to ensure you have a memorable experience. You will be charged extra for this activity as it won't be included in the lost chambers aquarium ticket price

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The Predator Dive Experience.jpg
The Predator Dive Experience

The Predator Dive Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime activity meant for brave-hearted and fearless people. During this activity, you will get a chance to hand-feed different types of sharks and stingrays living inside the Ambassador Lagoon. You'll also get to know the hidden mysteries about fascinating sea predators' by experts. During this activity, you'll be under careful guidance and supervision to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. The best part of this experience is that as you swim close to the aquarium glass, you can wave at strangers while they take your photo.

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Fish Tales Tour

Fish tales tour is an exciting activity wherein you'll be taken around Lost Chambers Aquarium, Ambassador Lagoon, and Fish Hospital. You can see how new marine creatures are bred and cared for at the fish hospital and nursery. The experts will discuss the behavior and eating habits of different animals in the aquarium, their lifespan and growth, care schedule, sleeping pattern, and much more. This is a must-try activity for kids as it gives your little ones an in-depth understanding of the underwater world. Fish Tales Tour takes place at the Ambassador Lagoon's top level, giving you a chance to see the largest aquarium exhibit on the surface. Remember that this activity won't be included in the lost chambers aquarium ticket price.

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Nearby Attractions of Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark
Aquaventure Waterpark

Get ready for ultimate thrills and spills by visiting Aquaventure Waterpark, one of the biggest and the most popular water parks in Dubai. This water park has a series of flumes, pools, slides, and thrilling rides. It also houses Dubai's longest river Rapids, which goes up to 2.8 km, and a private beach. Some of the must-try activities here include swimming with the sharks, zip-lining above the park, and feeding the stingrays. Splashers Lagoon, Splashers Island, Splashers Mountain, and Splashers Cove are the biggest kid's attractions within the waterpark.

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dolphin bay dubai.jpg
Dolphin Bay

Interact with the playful dolphins at Dolphin Bay, one of the finest man-made dolphin locales in the world. Here you can touch the dolphins, shake hands, dance around with them, and even go scuba diving with them. You can also partake in the deep water program, wherein you'll get a chance to interact and swim with the resident dolphins. At Dolphin Bay, you can also feed the dolphins and get an in-depth perspective on these marine mammals.

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sea lion point dubai.webp
Sea Lion Point

Get ready to have an up-close and personal interaction with the sea lions in a safe environment at Sea Lion Point. Sea Lion Point is spread across 4.5-hectare and was created to bring education and enlightenment to visitors about these friendly and loveable marine animals. Learn all about the anatomy and behavior of these sea creatures during the daily enrichment sessions that are conducted by marine mammal specialists. You can also click beautiful pictures with the sea lions and post them on your Instagram feed.

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Ambassador Lagoon Aquarium.jpg
Ambassador Lagoon Aquarium

The Ambassador Lagoon is one of the biggest open-air aquariums in Africa and the Middle East. This ten-meter-deep marine habitat holds eleven million liters of water and is home to sixty-five thousand marine animals. Meet Moon Jellies, Lobsters, Eagle Rays, Arabian carpet sharks, Moray Eels, and many other marine creatures at this aquarium. Youth programs such as Junior Marine Biologist are regularly conducted here to help the kids learn about various breeding programs.

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Know Before You Book The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

Other Essentials

  • Designed to the Lost City of Atlantis theme, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a marine paradise with over sixty-five thousand marine animals.
  • You can go scuba diving with professional trainers and watch feeding shows.
  • You can also enjoy the aquarium dives to experience the rare and beautiful marine life.
  • This aquarium has the capacity to hold 11 million-litre water and is home to some incredible variety of rays, sharks and other colorful fishes
  • There is a private beach which stretches 700 meters from where you can enjoy the scenic view of Dubai.
  • During Halloween, you can enjoy haunted chamber parties.
  • By booking The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets, you can also attend aqua theatre shows wherein your kids can learn the aspects of diving and marine life from experts in a comic way.
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FAQ Related The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets

Why is Lost Chambers Aquarium so famous?

Lost Chambers Aquarium is the largest Aquarium in Africa and the Middle East. It houses sixty-five thousand incredible marine animals and is an important center for learning about sea creatures. You can enjoy various activities here, such as the predator dive, fish tales tour, and underwater walk.

How much are the Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets?

The lost chambers aquarium Dubai ticket Price starts from AED 95 which is for children and AED 117 for adults for an aqua theatre show and basic entry. The lost chambers aquarium Dubai ticket Price for snorkeling is around AED 273 per person.

How deep is the Atlantis Aquarium?

The Ambassador Lagoon in the Atlantis Aquarium is around 10 meters deep.

Which is better, Lost Chambers or Dubai Aquarium?

The Lost Chambers and Dubai Aquarium are the two prime attractions for those who wish to explore the marine world. The speciality of Dubai Aquarium is its underwater zoo, while the speciality of Lost Chambers is its visually themed zones. Both are equally interesting, but you can make your pick depending on your interest between going for an underwater adventure or going to the underwater zoo.

What is the best time to visit Lost Chambers Dubai?

Early morning is the best time to visit Lost Chambers Dubai as the crowd is less, and you can enjoy various activities and attractions without any fuss.

What fish are in the Atlantis Aquarium?

Baby Stingrays, Moray Eels, Lobsters, Moon Jellies, Batfish, Snapper, Cobia, Golden Trevallies, Hammour, Piranha, Lionfish, Giant Grouper, Anemones, Blue Damsels, and etc. are some of the fish you will see in the Atlantis Aquarium.

Is it worth visiting the Lost Chambers?

Yes, it is absolutely worth visiting Lost Chambers if you wish to have a memorable underwater adventure. Lost chambers aquarium ticket offers you a chance to meet sixty-five thousand beautiful marine animals, swim with them, and feed them.

How to buy Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets Online?

You can buy the Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets online to get confirmed tickets hassle free at the comfort of your home. By purchasing The Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets online with us, you avail yourself of great discounts and offers which will make your trip even better.

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