Aquaventure Waterpark Overview

Atlantis Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in the whole world where you can get your pulse racing with more than 105 record breaking slides, unique experiences and attractions. You will be encircled by a green tropical scenery with a secluded beach as a cherry on top. It truly has something in store for everyone, from lazy rivers to surf pools, exciting coasters to water sports, children’s playgrounds to cottages.

The ideal way to experience the Aquaventure Waterpark attractions is to float inside an inflatable raft through the streams, zero depth lagoons and quite obviously, the rapids. The exhilaration of surfing across the tides of a long river system awaits you at Rapids. The Torrent, in which the tidal machine would surprise you with tall waves, is for those who are brave and capable of taking on the task of swimming amid giant tides.

Rides at The Tower of Neptune

The Tower of Neptune will be one of the first area in Atlantis Waterpark to greet and delight you. It is stated that this place is shrouded in darkness and mystery, which is not true. It's a wonderful area with rides that will make you scream with joy! The tunnels will whisk you away to the Shark Lagoon, where you may take the ultimate leap of faith if you dare. The Shark Attack, the water park's most spine chilling thrill, allows you to observe the fierce creatures closely.

Atlantis Water Park
The Leap of Faith

The heart pounding ‘The Leap of Faith’, is one of the best rides in Atlantis Waterpark that almost 6,00,000 visitors try annually, is housed in the Tower of Neptune. The thrilling roller coaster drops you via a nine storey high gigantic slope in an almost vertical direction for 5 seconds, into a glass Perspex tube surrounded by Cownose stingray and sharks. While gliding down the tube, make sure to keep your eyes open so that you wouldn’t miss the mesmerizing view of stingrays and sharks.

Atlantis Water Park
The Shark Attack

Atlantis Waterpark’s Shark Attack is by far one of the most spine chilling rides in Atlantis Waterpark. Shark Attack, which begins 13 meters up the Aquaventure Waterpark’s Ziggurat, allows visitors to go on a journey unlike any other. Enter the Tower of Neptune’s mystery center in an inflatable raft, then emerge via an underwater lagoon full with sharks. Get a panoramic view of the shark infested lagoon through the fiberglass and have an unique and thrilling experience.

Atlantis Water Park
The Falls

The falls is one of the best rides that you can enjoy at the Atlantis Waterpark. Taking part in this activity, you will be forced through the slides to create an intense adrenaline rush by the use of master blaster water technology. The Falls plunges riders nearly 60 feet before pulling them back through twisting slides and depositing them into a torrent of water. Riders' ability to see what's coming next is reduced in dark tunnels, adding to the thrill.

Rides at The Tower of Poseidon

Poseidon, the magnificent god of the sea, has certainly blessed the Tower of Poseidon with the best palm atlantis water park rides that will have you splashing around in the water and not wanting to leave. The Anaconda, Zoomerango, and Slitherine will provide you with the most enjoyable experience possible with your friends and family. Poseidon's Revenge is a terrifying ride reserved only for the courageous!

Atlantis Water Park
The Aquaconda

Aquaconda is the world's longest six person family tubular adventure ride in Atlantis Waterpark. While you whirl throughout its meandering bends with high vertical bank to 4.6 meters, this exciting water coaster brings visitors past various dips, twists, and thrills. Its tight curves and 9.2 meter wide portion send visitors racing down the slopes on dual AquaTubes at high speeds of about 35 kilometers per hour.

Atlantis Water Park

Whenever visitors start talking about the best palm atlantis water park ride, be assured that they are talking about Zoomerango. Slide down the slope which is a 25 meter wide and 156 meter lengthy gigantic tumble. This family ride accommodates 6 people into the same raft. Encounter a combination of sensory experiences that gives a sense of nothingness for a quick second there at the highest point of its 14 meter tall vertical surface. From gigantic fall tumbles to vertical swoops, everything will thrill you and give you the much needed adrenaline boost.

Atlantis Water Park

The Slitherine pair are the first double suspended palm atlantis water park rides. This very first scheduled dual ride within a slide activity may be experienced at the Aquaventure. The ride is 31 meters tall and 182 meters in length, with partly translucent glass fiber reinforced tubes. These tubes enable visitors from both the Aquaconda and Slitherines to see one another as they pass down the slides, screaming in joy. Get ready to enjoy the ride with a friend and have the time of your lives.

Atlantis Water Park
Poseidon’s Revenge

The Poseidon’s Revenge is one of the most terrifying yet thrilling water slides in the Middle East that is designed similarly to Neptune’s Leap of Faith at the Tower of Neptune. Taking part in this activity, you will feel your heart race and your excitement surge as you enter a chamber or capsule that is unlike any other slide entry, complete with trapdoors. The bottom drops out from beneath you, propelling you 31 meters through the loops of the 116-meter water slide at 60 km/h before launching you upside down in the ride.

River Rides at Atlantis Waterpark

Aquaventure Atlantis Water Park, in addition to having some fairly amazing attractions, it has river rides where you can relax or go on fun rides and have the time of your life. Unwind in the amusement park's lazy river or explore the Torrent and Zero Entry Pool's thrilling waters and many other thrills. The Neptune's Retreat and the Barracudas restaurant adjacent provide some privacy. Have a fantastic time at the Rapid, the country's biggest river, which has rushing currents that will take tourists on a thrilling adventure.

Atlantis Water Park
The Torrent

The Torrent delivers lots of wave ripples and surges in a thrilling river adventure that meanders across Atlantis’ tropical waterscape. A tidal system can generate a surf rush consisting of waves up to 1 meters tall and 94,000 liters per minute, propelling visitors on inflatable rafts down the river’s path upon this crest. This is one of the most thrilling rides in Atlantis Waterpark.

Atlantis Water Park
The Neptune’s Retreat

Just at the summit of Barracudas, Neptunes Retreat is indeed a private space. Barracudas restaurant and Poseidon Tower are nearby. It's a particularly serviced lounging place in the park which you may reserve in advance. This provides a wonderful relaxing space after the fun and tiring day out in the adventure water park.

Atlantis Water Park
The Rapid

Enjoy the country’s largest river, which has rushing currents that will send the visitors twirling and whirling over the furious streams with delights at about every bend for an exhilarating boost. All along the route, there are a number of huge pools with extensive sun terraces where you can simply take a dip and relax or have the time of your lives. The Rapid is certainly one of the most thrilling Dubai Atlantis water park rides.

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